The downsides of deficiencies & upsides of vegan supplements

A couple of years back, I started having weird tingling sensations and numbness all over my body–in my feet especially–combined with light headedness and a pale, anaemic looking colour of my skin. I went for multiple health checkups for my symptoms, but no one asked me to test for vitamin deficiencies. One day, after days in and out of the hospital, expensive MRI’s and long lists of blood tests, my mom called me and told me to check my vitamin levels (why no one told me to do this initially still blows my mind, but that’s also why its taken me over four years to find a doctor that I trust here).

In my case, my B12 was extremely low (I found out that I have a family history with B12 deficiency), and my Vitamin D levels were really off as well. I started off with weekly injections for eight weeks, which then moved on to daily medicine from the pharmacy for three months. Today, after bringing up my vitamin levels to normal, I’m on daily natural supplements.



I take one of these capsules every single morning with my breakfast without fail. They’re 100% vegan and natural. I got them at Whole Foods in London, and the same brand for Vitamin D. You can also find the B12 here [click] and D here [click]

I’m telling you this because these type of deficiencies are apparently super normal but not usually the first thing you suspect when you’re depressed, anxious, anaemic or faced with neurological issues. I have a good diet in terms of regular intake of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and so on, but with my deficiency gene I’m better off giving my body a hand here. When it comes to Vitamin D most people are more or less deficient, but Scandinavians is more likely to be than other populations because of the lack of sunlight there.

Since I started taking these supplements (combined with the medical ‘push’ of injections and the initial medicine), all my symptoms have gone away. I have a lot more energy, and generally feel a lot better.

Another thing all the ladies should check if you’re B12 deficient is your folic acid/folate levels. Especially if you plan to be pregnant one day.

Thats all for now! xx

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