The Annual Kapoor Diwali Bash












IMG_0687 2




Well well well… Where to begin? Thursday was Diwali here, which means 99% of everyone I know had at least four days off. This, among light, the new year, and a couple of other things, we celebrated as per annual tradition at the Kapoor house.

I spent the day doing errands on Thursday: I got my nails done up and then I went straight to try on heels for the night (not recommended). When I got back to the house I had my best Vimal come and do up my hair. If anyone needs an excellent and super sweet makeup and hair artist, give me a shoutout. She does both shoots, parties and everyday stuff.

When we reached the Kapoor house, the paparazzi and crowd outside was already going mad. Since both Anil, Sonam, Rhea and Harsh are big (read: huge) in Bollywood, the annual Diwali celebration at their home is attended by anyone and everyone. From Deepika, Kareena, Shah Rukh and Ranbir, to Arjun, Jackie, Aliya and Varun–everyone is there, and everyone is in their best, happiest spirits. I guess thats what Diwali does to you?

I bonded with Saif Ali Khan over the fact that he has the same name as my boyfriend. Saif is in Thailand for a bachelor party, So Saif (the Bollywood one) suggested we take a video and send to Saif, which we did. I posted the video on Instagram 4 hours ago, and so far its been viewed over 29 thousand times! Crazy.

I didn’t carry my camera for the party, but I took a ton of videos and boomerangs. Although I only have a few photos to share with you, you get the idea. So. Much. Fun!

For those of you who are not from India and have a tough time wrapping your head around how crazy big Bollywood is here, you can peek at this video [click], which is snapshot of paparazzi-mania outside the Kapoor house on Thursday night…

Happy Diwali to everyone, and thank you to the amazing Kapoors for another smashing party! I already cant wait for next year!

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