My weekend in selfies

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Wednesday was the night before Diwali. Saif landed from NYC at 8pm and took a flight to Thailand at 5am the morning after, but we still managed to squeeze in a quick Diwali dinner in between. Scored a bunch of social points, that’s for sure.


You guys already know what I did on the main Diwali night, so I’ll keep myself short. I rolled my hair and spent the afternoon getting ready for the night…


A toe selfie, because I got a brand new pedicure, then messed it up majorly. After my mani-pedi I went straight to try on a pair of heels to wear with my outfit for the night. Those of you who read my last post will remember I mentioned that this was not recommended. Here’s why, mixed with some dog hair… Like a lady much?


I was very happy with how my hair turned out for the night. A feeling I rarely have, so that made me extra happy. I recently learned something about hair molecules and how they ‘open’ in heat and ‘close’ in cold, so if you want to properly shape your mane you need to hold it in the form you want it to stay from the time its hot to when its completely cooled off. Brilliant – how did I not know this before?


Five or six hours later my mane was less curly and my head slightly bubblier. What a night! Ok I’ll stop raving about it now.


Upon waking up on Friday I wasn’t raving much, though. I didn’t move from this position for a couple of hours, combined with deep breaths, water chugging and made promises to myself about never having a sip of alcohol again. He he.


At one point I crawled out of bed and zombie-walked over to the pool where I spent the entire afternoon eating club sandwich, fries and drinking multiple cans of cocacola. Yes, that is an armpit vagina right there. Go figure.


By evening I felt better and joined a bunch of girlfriends at Karan’s house. We laughed about memories from the night before, shared day-after anxieties, ate pizza and home-cooked Indian food.


Saturday morning I felt fresh as a daisy again. Got an incredible delivery from Bhane with tons of clothes, including the blouse I’m wearing in this photo. Can’t wait to show you everything – post coming up soon. After taking this selfie I walked over to Pali Village Cafe, had a glass of sangria (the never-drinking-again promise lasted for 36 hours though) and worked on WAC and the blog. Cozy as hell.

FullSizeRender 7

I got back home by evening, called my mom and got ready for dinner. Had doubts about washing my hair but decided against it. As you can tell.

FullSizeRender 5

We had a cute girls night–ate truffle fries, drank wine and talked about the past and the future. The way girls nights should be, basically. I wrapped up my day in bed watching the latest episode of Kardashians. Mhm, can’t help it.


This morning I took an Uber and went straight to the pool. Swam, tanned and read a new book. Since its a Sunday I ended up knowing a lot of people at the pool, which is always slightly hectic when you’re planning a day to yourself. I find it so difficult to know how to distance oneself in these situations without coming off as rude. How do you do it?


This is me right now: 11.30pm and counting. I’ll be laying like this for another hour before me and the other girlfriends of the guys who went for the bachelor trip go and surprise them at the airport. Cute or lame? I’m exhausted yet feeling like a kid before Christmas – can’t wait to have Saif back home after almost two weeks of being away.

Hope you had a great weekend, too! x


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