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A dark Dior lipstick medley











Saif was away for one of his best friend’s bachelor parties in Thailand this past weekend, and when he came back he had picked up three lipsticks from Dior in duty free for me. Guess how exciting?! I’m blessed with a partner who’s got a sense of fashion and taste unlike no other.

I’m a sucker for dark lipstick shades and I’ve wanted the brown and purple double rouge lipsticks since before they came out, having eyed them in a Vogue or a Harpers Bazaar over four months ago. Now they’re finally out and here they are. They’re crazy smooth and easy to remove although stick when you want them to. All the great things basically. Highly recommended, especially those of you who tend to have dry lips – raise your hand if you do *raises hand*

The shades look kind of similar in these photos considering the lighting is so terrible in my apartment – need to do something about this urgently. Anyway:

Rouge Dior – Double Rouge, Jungle Beige 510

Rouge Dior – Double Rouge, Poison Purple 992

Rouge Dior – Dior Liquid, Poison Metal 979

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