A blouse, a logo & a pasta making song






Blouse from here [click], denim from Martinique (Tokyo)

I’ve worked like a dog this week and even though its not really slowing down for me this weekend, I’ve got Christmas feels thinking about the fact that the second season of Stranger Things premieres tonight. Woo frickin hoo.

I finally got a logo designed for WAC and if you feel like checking it out you can do so here [click]. I’m super happy with the way it turned out, and I’ve promised my colleague who designed it for me that I will pay him back in beers. I honestly love people who choose beverage over cash payments…

This weekend I’m blessed with blog events, Italian class, event planning, a friends birthday and a pool day with girlfriends. Sounds ideal to me? I’m kicking off my Saturday with an Adidas event by the way – I promise to share all about it.

Also, my cooking song of the week: Piu di te by Mina. Heard in Master of None, Season 2. Pour yourself a glass of wine, bring out the pasta, and blast this song – you can thank me later!

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