A little list about today

Today’s mood

Optimistic (I must admit its really unlike me to choose ‘optimistic’ as my mood)


Today’s feeling

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 6.11.21 PM

Tired. Not complaining, but I stayed up until 3.30-4 to get through another few episodes of Stranger Things last night. The show is terrific yet at times very cliche—I could complain about the script and the characters. More than anything, though, I love Will and Mike, and Winona Ryder is damn good. But yeah…I’m god damn exhausted.


Today’s should

I should definitely finalise on the outfits I’m making for the upcoming weddings this winter. I also should buy my flight ticket to Copenhagen for Bianca & Johan’s wedding (Saif, if you read this – let’s get on this tonight), and renew my lease agreement before the end of the month (e.g. tomorrow).


Today’s hair

Over the weekend I got my hair blowdried at the salon, and then used my straightener to get an uber-straight, sleek kind of look for a friends birthday party this weekend. Kim Kardashian style? I haven’t received so many compliments in a long time – thanks to Samantha’s Salon & GHD for sorting my mane out! Today I kind of appreciated my straight-out-of-bed look, so I actually haven’t touched the ponytail since last night.


Today’s plans

I’m in the office all day and when I finish up around 7pm I’m planning to head to Bandra. I’m cooking a raw, vegan pad-thai for myself, Saif and Shehla, and after that we’re finalising on the design of a few outfits I’m making for all the upcoming weddings I’m going for. It’s safe to say we’ll end the night with the last three episodes of Stranger Things, season 2. Obsessed is an understatement.


Today’s material want/need

I want everything about Kendall’s outfit.


Today’s thought

I had a Fisherman’s Friend earlier—a Swedish mint basically. I’m very surprised by how strong it is – how do people consume this for pleasure? My nostrils have just been cleared for life and it feels like I’ve burnt an additional hole in my throat. A mint-hole.


Today’s dress code


Oversized white shirt from m3, pants from Ganni, sneakers from Veja and bag from Michael Kors (pls ignore the ocean of sneakers below thanks).


Borrowed list-inspo from my friend Linn’s blog.

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