Sunday R&R at the Breach Candy Club








I had the perfect Sunday yesterday! I rolled out of bed, had breakfast together with the love of my life, then packed up a bag and met up with Devika for a day at the Breach Candy Club. It being the Sunday after a big Halloween night, the pool was absolutely empty for the entire first half of the day. By mid-afternoon, Pauline, Vidisha and Farah showed up, and towards the evening some of the guys joined as well.

Breach Candy Club is one out of many membership-only clubs in India, but if you ask me, the best one in Bombay when it comes to amenities and general vibe. These clubs are pretty much impossible to buy membership for—instead, people inherit the membership within their families, and only existing members pass on their membership to their children and their children’s children. These clubs originated when India belonged to Britain, as R&R clubs for the Brits to do things like eat, drink, swim, play sports and host meetings. Most of these clubs would only allow non-Indians to enter. Today, the same facilities are meeting places for Indian families who have been members for 2-3 generations. Getting into these clubs without getting signed in by an existing member is straight up impossible

The food and drinks at these clubs are extremely well priced, and they are popular weekend spots for families to go with their older and younger generations–to swim, hang out and be away from the hustle and bustle of Bombay city life.

The only concerning thing about yesterday is that I spent a solid 8 hours in the sun, and despite this I barely got a tan at all. I do use sunscreen and all that good stuff to protect my skin, but being someone who tans very easily, its quite scary when you realise that the reason you’re not getting any colour is because the air is so god damn polluted above you. There is this haze of smog/pollution that covers the sky enough to where it gets tough for the sun to shine through it. Despite 9 months of the year of solid sunshine, we’re faced with haze and daze more often than we see blue skies these days.

Above all, I’m feeling happy and excited to kick off this Monday, after a perfect Sunday with friends. Hope you are too (if not, I’m sharing some of my light with you). x

One thought on “Sunday R&R at the Breach Candy Club

  1. Beautiful photos!! It does sound like you had an amazing Sunday. I’m sad that you’re noticing the polluted air so much that you can’t even get a tan. 😦


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