Mid-week recommendations, peeing safe etc








I know its Friday morning today, but I just have to tell you about my Wednesday! When I got home on my lunch break a couple of packages were waiting for me at the door. A Halloween-inspired party invite from Budweiser which had gotten lost in the mail and only arrived with a weeks delay (standard), a few invitations, and a box from a collaboration I’ve agreed to do with a company called PeeSafe.

PeeSafe is a toilet seat sanitiser spray in support of female hygiene. Using the spray kills 99.9% germs from the toilet seat and dries up instantly.

Being someone who is always on the go, and spend a lot of time in restaurants, offices, airports and airplanes, PeeSafe is seriously awesome. No more tissue-cover-building required before taking a seat, and perhaps what I love the most, a can is only Rs. 25, making it affordable and accessible for everyone in India – including the women who may need it the most… I hope to see these outside public restrooms and malls sooner than later – that would be ideal. Perhaps even in pocket size so that the price can be reduced even further? Just a thought…

After leaving the office I met up with Paulina and Sanjana for wine Wednesday at Slink & Bardot, Sweden-Barbados style. I really love the vibe there and the food is great. It was my first time wineing and dining there – planning to bring Saif one of these nights and go back. The chicken liver pate & the pork belly was yum, and their Norwegian salmon-cucumber crostinis made me feel right at home!

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