Welcome to Colaba, Clove!













Clove The Store launched in Colaba on Thursday, and I couldn’t be more impressed. I was in between meetings when I dropped by for a glass of bubbly and two (delicious) ham & cheese quiches. Also can we talk about quiche? Saif doesn’t even like quiche and I think its one of the most delicious things in the world.

Food aside though, let’s talk about Clove–my dear friend Samu’s new baby–and Bombay’s one and only concept store.

The space itself is fabulous. It being an actual apartment, it really gives you the feeling that you’ve stepped into someones home. When I stormed in with my laptop and purse full of work, I was immediately asked to throw it on a chair or the table that was all done up. “Make yourself at home”, I was told. Sure thing!

Clove is an assembly of all the wonderful things in a home. Candle holders, a jewellery section, cozy pyjamas sets, breezy Indian wear, handmade ceramic plates and locally brewed coffee. In fact, everything about Clove is local. From the brushstroke inspired lamp that stretches across the space, to the plant arrangements at the payment counter, everything is Made in India–and with pride that is.

One of my favourite things about Clove, and lets be real–there are a lot of things there to be excited about–is that its affordable. Everyone who hasn’t been to India already will be surprised to hear this, but most of the time, this type of stuff isn’t something that I’d ever buy for my home. For once, someone’s actually bothered to bring the price down to something reasonable.

I left with a gift for someone special. And chocolate. Always get chocolate.

Welcome to Colaba, Clove! xx

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