A Goan afternoon at O Pedro

Yesterday was Saturday, and since I didn’t have to go to the office in the day, Saif and I decided to go for lunch at Bombay Canteen’s new venture, O Pedro…


O Pedro is a restaurant inspired by Goan food – Goan curries, fish, seafood and different, delicious takes on Indian food. Just like at Bombay Canteen, the food is simple yet different from anything you’ve ever had before. Love!


The interiors are just like the menu – homely on edge!


We are friends with the entire Bombay Canteen team, who lucky for us also run O Pedro, so we made sure to get some inside scoop of what not to miss. There’s a veal tongue on the menu, which they recommended, but which we didn’t dare to try. Apparently it’s incredible, though…


As usual we wanted to order the entire menu. One of the must-try’s is a fish pate with grilled bread – unbelievable.


Indian food is for whatever reason always even better with a cold beer–it does nice in contrast with the spices. We had a delicious Belgian wheat beer from Independence Brewery.


This coconut-red snapper poke was to die for. To die. Probably my favourite thing out of everything yummy we ate. The corn fritters were another winning candidate. Well, everything was…


This was similar to the beef dish at The Bombay Canteen, except slightly spicier maybe. I could have ordered two. Saif…I don’t know – three, maybe?


The finale was of course a staple – Goan fish curry with steamed rice. It was a standard curry although less oily and more tomato-ey. Perfection perfection…


After lunch I was trying to get Saif to take some shots of my outfit of the day. Afterwards I realised, he didn’t capture my new denim… So here I am, in a black tank from H&M, and a new pair of denims from Raey. Sunglasses from Kaleos, Barcelona.


I’ll make sure you guys get to see them in another post soon–I’ll be wearing them frequently, I’m sure.


I was food coma’d out for the entire day while running errands – took me a good 24 hours to feel hunger again. That’s when you know, you’ve done good…

Thanks O Pedro! I can’t wait to take my family here when they’re visiting in December!


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