Preferred conversations & college flashbacks




Last night I ended up working late, and a little after midnight I met up with my friend Emily who has come to stay with me for two nights before she’s off to Varanasi. Emily and I went to Brown together, and she was one of my first friends there. She used to be the President of Brown Women in Business, where I was also a leading member, and I looked up to her for being smart, wild, kind and fun.

We sat up until 3am, catching up on the last four and a half years that have passed by since we saw each other last. One thing that’s really struck with me from our chat last night is the fact that Emily remembers me as a hard working, happy & fun person in college. Looking back at that time of my life, I was going through so many things that left me in a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I totally remember myself as more of a shattered & exhausted worry-bird than she does, so its somewhat refreshing to hear someone say differently…

I’m hosting my first event with WAC tomorrow evening, so between yesterday and tomorrow I’m going slightly mad. I just picked up these custom-made stickers which I got made for the event – I’ve created 12 different stickers of “conversation-topics”. All the girls attending the event will get to choose their top three preferences, and stick them onto the shirt. That way, while mingling and making friends, the girls will know who shares similar interests as them, and who doesn’t.

My top 3 preferred conversation-topics are: Career, heart-to-hearts, and wine & dine. What are yours?


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