A night to remember


The first WAC ladies night took place last night – and it was awesome! Priya and I were hosting at the door and made sure all the girls picked up three stickers to wear throughout the night, representing each one’s top-three preferred conversation topics. Mine were Career (kind of obsessed with the ‘breaking the glass ceiling’ sticker), Heart to Hearts, and Wine/Dine.


Sanjana came early and stayed late despite having an early shoot this morning. So grateful for this one! And extremely bummed that she’s planning to move back to Barbados in December…


Priya works for Toast and Tonic and was helping out with the sign-ins at the door…


I had printed out these information cards to give to anyone who wasn’t already familiar with the group. Several women came up to me throughout the night, while having dinner and drinks with friends or family, asking about WAC and how to be a part of it. So glad I had made these cards–reminder to self to always carry these!


Myglamm had set up their new products on display, and anyone who wanted to get their makeup done had the option of doing so…


I got my makeup done by one of their awesome makeup artists, Prashant. I asked him to give me a natural look with less eye makeup. I’m not much of an eye-makeup person–I seriously don’t even own an eyeshadow.


Priyanka got her contouring done by another member of the Myglamm team…


A lot of girls showed up after their game at the Roots Football League in Bandra. I recently signed up WAC as a sponsor of the league, but accidentally, the launch of the league and the Wine Wednesday happened to fall on the same evening. Luckily many of girls headed over after, to celebrate their win (or non-win) with wine and girl-talk.



It was so exciting to see so many new faces at the event. Most girls came alone or in pair, which made it even easier for strangers to meet and make new friendships…



In the Uber on my way to the event (!) I put together the WAC Black Box: A box for anonymous questions and topics. Any kind of query anyone would have, but wouldn’t be comfortable asking publicly, can be submitted in the box, and I will post it on the group.


I had also set up a networking opportunity – two fishbowls with the tags “Offering…” and “Looking for…”. Literally for anything and everything.

An example: I am an expat with the experience of living in India for almost 4.5 years, so I am offering advice and help to any new female expats in India. I am new in the blogging space and I am looking for advice and contacts in the influencer marketing and blogger space. This seems like it was a huge success!


I got a ton of compliments on my makeup from Myglamm!


These fabulous ladies stuck around the whole night.



A gift from The Cake Studio was waiting for guests at the door on their way out. I didn’t get a chance to try the cupcake but I heard it was banging!


…and also kind of love the “We ❤ WAC” card to go with it.


A massive thank you to all the fabulous ladies of WAC who came for our first ladies night, and to Priya for helping me organise it. I already started planning our next one (in January…hint, hint).

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