All I want for Christmas 2017

Christmas is coming up and even though I’m not really a Christmas gift kinda gal, one can always use it as an opportunity to spoiled a loved one (or oneself…). Here are (some of the things) I’d love to find under the Christmas tree this year…


[You can click on the photo to enlarge it, and click on the links below to get directly to the product source]

  • Velvet pillows (nude) from Apartment Stories. Obsessed with anything nude/poudre coloured at the moment.
  • Byredo candles – because I can’t get enough of deep, spicy scents and an overload of candles in every room to set the mood
  • Best of the best Shun’s classic chef knives and a solid wooden cutting board. Because cooking is so much more fun when you have the best (and prettiest) tools to do it with.
  • A medium sized Tote bag from Valentino. I have this thing with big, spacious bags. without pockets.. It’s dangerous if you’re a hoarder though. I found a boarding pass from 2014 in my beach bag the other day.
  • Home-made, rose petal-ey bath salt. I promise my future children that I will be the kind of mom who makes homemade bath salts. Amen.
  • Round brass mirror. Also from Apartment Stories. I don’t think it needs any further explanation–all I want in life is a dark green or navy blue wall with this mirror on top. Santa please.
  • Nude bikini from Triangl
  • $10,000 silvery, glittery boots from YSL. If you have to get me one thing from this list, I choose these…
  • Beautiful and convenient carry-on bag from Rimowa. I’ve always had a crush on silver aluminium luggage.
  • Floral prints. Perhaps it makes me outdated but I can’t get enough of floral prints. This blouse I found at & Other stories. I think.
  • High waist track pants from Alexander Wang. I mean…
  • An absolutely stunning, one-of-a-kind lehenga inspired outfit from Shehlaa by Shehla Khan
  • The latest collection of Rheson. Kind of obsessed with the sleeves on this dress.
  • Ruby velvet bikini from Triangl. I love this so much I just ordered it for myself.
  • Semi heel semi flat which I can wear at the office and at dinner and at the best frickin party in town. I love multi-purpose everything. And they’re so cool. Also from & Other Stories.
  • Literally everything from Payal Khandwala’s latest collection. I would love to see this type of Indo-Western wear back home too.
  • Banana plants for basically every room of my house. Saif isn’t a plant person but I’ve made it clear since the day we met basically – candles and plants are mandatory in my home. I’ll compromise on a lot, but not on these two things…
  • Modern, minimal design champagne glasses from Iittala
  • I’ve never cared for an Apple Watch but lately I’ve been seeing so many cool Apple Watch-bracelet combinations, now I want one too. Well, and for practical reasons too obviously.
  • A geometric vase from The Label Life. This would look so good in my living room!
  • A fluffy, comfy, cozy bedset from Garbo & Friends. I’ve heard that their quality is excellent, with that special, crisp hotel-bed feeling
  • A comfortable strapless bra. Unheard of, basically

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