Indian with a hint of Wes Anderson & a dash of NYC














Saif and I took Emily and Emmie out for dinner last night. Its always so nice to introduce Saif to my close friends who haven’t met him already. We’ve been together for three years now, but some of my best friends haven’t had the chance to meet him yet–primarily because of distance and bad timing.

I’m not at all a cocktail person, but at Bombay Canteen you HAVE to have cocktails. Their art deco cocktail book is inspired by Bombay’s historic architecture, with history and stories of Bombay, along with The Bombay Canteen’s signature drink recipes. My favourite cocktail is the tequila based Soona Mahal… As I had suspected, Emily fell in love with the book, and to our pleasant surprise the cocktail books are for sale too! For Rs. 950, I would say you get pretty much the best kind of souvenir Mumbai has to offer. Highly recommended guys.

If you ever find yourself in Mumbai for one night, and you feel like going to a place with a good vibe, a couple of cocktails, and delicious Indian food with a twist, you should make sure you check out The Bombay Canteen. Its sort of a combination of traditional and modern India, with a hint of Wes Anderson and a dash of New York City. If that makes sense. If it doesn’t, well, you’ll just have to go see it for yourself…

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