A belated happy Tuesday


Tuesday kicked off with a bang and I spent the morning answering emails in my new spot by the window. My apartment gets quite dark even in the middle of the day, being on the third floor and up in the trees, so this is definitely the lightest & brightest spot in the house.


Not sure it gets much brighter than this!


I was wearing denim from Bhane, with a black tank & a nude cape from Deme. Bag from Henri Bendel.


I finished off two morning-interviews with people for one of our clients, then made time for a lunch stop in between meetings. I love days when I’m not just working from one spot. My productivity increases when I’m on my feet and in constantly changing surroundings. Ever since I was born I’ve felt more at peace in buzzing environments — my mom used to go out for walks in loud and crowded places whenever I refused to sleep (read: often).


I had a hard workout in the morning, so I treated myself to baked sweet potato fries with vegan cashew cheese…


Steak cobb salad was the perfect mid-day energiser. My favourite lunch bowl at Bastian is the Mexican bowl though. I’m drooling just writing about it…


After lunch I stayed on for a bit, to get some emails sent out before heading back to the office. I always crave a strong Americano after lunch–I’m trying to figure out if its an actual crave or if its more of a habit at this point.


Kel and Andrea were taking photos of their new menu items. The fusion inspired french toast looked banging. Although, I’ve never had a french toast before. I’m more of an ice cream kind of gal.


Boo came out for a shot of french toast as well though. Then, out came the apple-pie. That’s when I decided to depart. Fight or flight, right? In this case, fight would have meant stay to devour. I chose flight and headed back to work instead. Good girl…


After work it was time for the first sangeet practice of the year – Maia and Aditya are getting married next week (!) and both Saif and I are dancing for it. Not together though – Saif is dancing as a part of Aditya’s friends circle, and I’m a part of Maia’s team.


At Indian weddings, the sangeet is the wedding function where friends and family of the bride and groom get together to practice dances to perform for the couple prior to their wedding day. It sort of sets the mood for the upcoming wedding when everyone gets together for a couple of days to eat, drink and dance together to a mix of Western and Bollywood music (although, mostly Bollywood).


Coco was watching from her bed. Amused or totally over it? I couldn’t tell.


There’s something special about being a foreigner in a Sangeet dance — the amount of comments I’ve received from people saying I’m looking ‘cute’ while dancing is…overwhelming. I’m not sure ‘cute’ is the look one would aim to go for when dancing. But hey, better than ‘hilarious’, right? The next practice is on Saturday along with Saif and the rest of the dances all together – can’t wait!


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