Saturday dance practice, Saturday wedding sangeet, Sunday brunch and Sunday wedding ceremony–I feel like I need another weekend to recover from the past weekend today. My friend Sarah got married to her Mustafa last night – it was such a lovely ceremony and I can’t wait to tell you guys more about it. Later! 

Like my watch by the way? It’s from Michael Kors, and was gifted to me recently. Somewhat similar to an Apple watch, its connected to an app on my phone that syncs for things like contacts, alarm, calls, games, health, etc.

Today has been a busy work day and I’m running for another meeting in half an hour. Sat down for a quick coffee when I got home, to get some energy and browse through my newfound obsession – Pinterest. I’ve used Pinterest for inspiration so many times over the years–for birthday gifts, recipes, decoration and quotes–but I’ve never actually set up my own boards. Until now! My first boards are very much in the making, but you can check them out here. Instead of wasting so much time scrolling on my Instagram feed I’ve moved my morning ritual to Pinterest, and I find it so much more entertaining (and slightly more productive, somehow).

Other than that, this week is literally slammed. Except this meeting tonight, I’m tied up with something every night of the week. Here we go:


Tuesday – Last sangeet dance practice for Maia’s and Aditya’s wedding. I’m pretty sure I know my steps by now, but Jihaann (my dance partner) didn’t make it to our last practice, so we’ll need to meet to coordinate our steps.

Wednesday – Walking in a show for Adidas and Alexander Wang (I know right?!)

Thursday – Mehndi function of Maia’s and Aditya’s wedding. Mehndi is the function where the ladies get henna applied on the hands. A light and festive event!

Friday – Maia’s and Aditya’s wedding ceremony in the morning, their reception at night

Saturday – Maia’s and Aditya’s wedding reception round 2 + sangeet. This is where we will do our dance performance.

Sunday – Sleep in (!). Then…walk in the Stylecracker fashion show.


On Tuesday I’m off to Jodhpur for three days, and the day I get back to Mumbai I fly out to Sweden. Yes, that’s right–by the end of next week I’m going HOME (!) for Bianca’s and Johan’s wedding, and seeing my family for a couple of days. I can’t frickin wait!

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