Last dance practice (with a view)








Hi cuties.

We had our last Sangeet dance practice at Zahan’s house on Tuesday night, and today is the first day of Maia and Aditya’s big (fat) wedding. Our dance is on Saturday night, so we have a few more days of practice left, but this was the last one with everyone together. Ruchi, our choreographer, is lovely and had made anything from the music to the choreography different from the other Sangeets I’ve been a part of in the past. Check her out on Instagram, @rythm_state. And can we also just all agree to how gorgeous Zahan’s house is? Definitely one of my favourite spots in Bombay.

On a lower note, I’ve had another week of stomach issues. Nothing severe, but it’s still annoying to deal with. I’ve been recommended a good homeopath by a colleague, so I think I’m going to go see her over the weekend. I’ve never tried homeopathy, but a lot of friends here in India swear by it…

Today is when the mehndi kicks off–after work I’ll be heading home to get ready and go. I also got a delivery yesterday with a pair of super cool sneakers from Skecher Street Los Angeles yesterday, and they’re throwing their launch party at Famous Studios tonight. Going to do my best to drop by there tonight at some point in between mehndi and after party. Oh and did I mention the wedding ceremony is tomorrow morning?

The wedding madness has officially begun! So excited!


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