Me and my new Skechers







How cool are these sneakers I received in the mail yesterday from Skecher Street?! I’ve shopped at Skecher in the US in the past, and have actually never thought of buying a pair of sneakers in India. Well, until now. I had actually seen a photo of these in the past, and they look even better in reality. What makes them even better is that they fit like a glove. I can’t highlight my appreciation for true-to-size enough…

Being the big sneaker fanatic that I am, I kicked off my other shoes and put these on before I ran off to the office this morning.

Skecher Street are doing a private launch party at Famous Studios tonight in Mumbai. I’m excited to carry these sneakers with me for tonight’s mehndi in case the heels kill my feet throughout the evening (we all know, they definitely will).

Thank you, thank you, to Skecher and dearest Santino Morea for thinking of me! And welcome to India!

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