A Parsi-Hindu wedding celebration

Aditya and Maia finally got hitched!

After a year long engagement, the big day(s) finally came, and how!


First off was the Parsi ceremony and the Mehndi at a beautiful terrace in Fort. The ceremony wrapped up at sunset, and the view was just stunning from there. Parsi is an Indian community that originates from Persia. It’s the name of a community that ended up being forced to flee from Iran to India to preserve their religious identity. There’s quite a large Parsi community in Bombay.


Zahan, Siya, Aditya, Saif and Madhu were ready for the celebrations to begin… Our close friend Kunal had made almost all of the men’s outfits. So cool!


I was wearing high heels and quickly changed into sneakers. The shoes Skechers had sent to me the same day came very handy – prefer sneakers to heels any day, and even more so the older I get…


Aditya went to college in Canada, so all his college friends have come from Canada to India to be a part of the celebration…


Maia, the bride to be, was looking like a dream…



Farah and Camelia – two of Maia’s bridesmaids and best friends…


Mints and mouth fresheners for the people!


Parents and relatives were mostly gathering inside, away from the main party area…


Maia had prepared little bags for her girlfriends to take home, with pretty bangles to wear and match with our outfits…


The wedding planners must have struggled with my name… How Hanna becomes Rianna (or Rtanna?)…well, that’s a first. Haha


I caught Saif at the shawarma grill… This was the main snack for the night. So. Good. Eating shawarma always reminds me of my childhood in Saudi. My sister and I used to love the ones with extra french fries inside. Obviously…


Maia and more bridesmaids…


…and with the groom to be!


After I got my mehndi done, I even got a chance to catch up with this guy! Shrey is getting married soon as well… I guess, everyone sort of is. Is this a sign of me getting old, or just a general coincidence?


The mehndi wrapped up around 2am, and the next morning it was time to gather for the Hindu blessing. Maia’s family is Parsi, and Aditya’s family is Hindu, so rather than choosing between the two, they chose to do two different ceremonies. I think that’s what I will want to do as well, the day I get married…


Bride whispering something to the groom before the ceremony was over and it was time for the guests to throw flowers on the newly weds…


Maia made the most stunning bride, once again. Maia and I met for the first time around three years ago, because Saif and Aditya happen to be best friends. Maia has lived in Delhi until last month, and I’m so happy to finally have her here with us, full-time in Mumbai!


Although we’ve not known each other for that long, Maia and I have become very close in a short period of time. We’ve both share similar experiences in life, and are both open with our pasts–dealing with things like anxiety and severe stress. I really think openness and vulnerability makes for great friendships…


More bridesmaids!


The venue had been beautifully decorated with flowers hanging from the ceiling…


…the same flowers we were throwing on the couple at the end of the ceremony. The smell is heavenly when you walk by these!


More pretty ladies!


As per all Indian celebrations, of course, all the guests broke out into dance at the wedding lunch. I really love that about Indian culture though. The sense of always celebrating, always dancing, always merging generations and families all into one…


Pretty sure these girls were dancing to YMCA when I took this photo!


Caught Dhruv, Aditya’s younger brother, in conversation with a relative or family friend…


…and caught Zaru in the groom’s flower garland. Zaru and Anisha are ALSO getting married soon!


After lunch even those who have a hard time walking were up breaking it down on the dance floor. Isn’t this amazing to see? Children, parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Four generations dancing away together on the dance floor… I wish us Scandinavians would pick up this tradition more often!


A beautiful first half of the wedding. Guess what? Two more Mumbai functions to go – then off to Jodhpur! Indians certainly know how to celebrate with a bang!

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