Stylecracker Sunday










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On Sunday, after a long night of wedding celebrations, I walked the ramp at Stylecracker for one of the event partners/sponsors. Stylecracker is a fashion fair that’s hosted in Mumbai twice a year–its a two day market filled with yummy food trucks, local designers, and beer stands.

It was one of those commitments I had made since weeks before, without thinking about the fact that Saif’s best friend’s Sangeet wedding function was the night before. The Saturday night wrapped up sometime around 4 or 5, I think, and I still managed to get a good 7 hours of sleep before I was heading off to the venue.  Jihaann, captured in the last photo, showed up at the event straight from the wedding function… Ha ha.

We met up in the afternoon, for a walkthrough of the choreography and to get our hair and makeup done. It was in fact the same choreographer who taught us the walk for the Adidas show! I’m always amazed by the different kinds of professions there are out there… Who knew your job title could be ‘runway choreographer‘? At least I didn’t.

The show went really well, and after we wrapped up I grabbed a beer with Paulina and Devika before heading off to another Sangeet dance practice. This wedding season has really got my schedule going…

Thanks to Stylecracker and team for having me! x

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