Breakfast people




Good morning guys!

We woke up after almost nine hours of sleep, feeling like I could go right back to bed to sleep for another nine hours… Being the morning people that we are, though, Saif and I packed up, showered, and went for breakfast in the beautiful garden downstairs.

Obviously we were the first people at breakfast… There’s a running joke within our friends group about how we somehow always get up early in the morning, no matter what time we all go to bed.

Hey, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right?

After breakfast I went back to working on our balcony, and a few hours later it was time to head to the airport.

We’re on our way back to Mumbai now, and when we land I have a bunch of meetings lined up. I also still have no idea what I’m wearing this weekend! Tonight we’re going for another Sangeet dance practice with Saif’s family, and by 1am we leave for the airport again.

Next stop: Copenhagen, Denmark! Our dear friends Bianca and Johan are getting married! And on Sunday I get to see my family!


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