Day one in Copenhagen
































Hey guys!

First off, my apologies for the lack of updates. I’ve seriously had one of the busiest weeks of the year, if not THE busiest… From Mumbai to Jodhpur to Mumbai again, to Dubai and Copenhagen, and now, Sweden… All in all, a globetrotting week with some of our best friends weddings back to back. And as hectic as its been, I’m incredibly grateful for having been able to make it to each and every part of it.

On Thursday afternoon we landed back in Mumbai, and by evening we were all packed again for our next adventure. We flew Emirates via Dubai, and I found it hard to sleep on the flight. I bought a book about “how to give less of a fuck” in life – sounds kind of harsh, but I think its an important skill which I need to learn: How to know when something’s worth stressing over and when to let things go. A skill I hope to master, since I tend to overthink and overstress in situations where I also know it really may not be needed. We had a layover in Dubai, where we made a quick stop at Shake Shack for some pre-flight burger, milkshake and fries. Who seriously says no to a 7am cheeseburger with extra everything? Clearly, not me.

When we landed in Copenhagen, we rushed to our hotel to check in and drop our bags. We stayed at Hotel Skt. Annae, and I can highly recommend it to anyone who wants a cute boutique hotel in the midst of Copenhagen. Best location, and such comfy beds! It was on the more expensive side, about 1795 DKK per night (with a wedding weekend discount applied), but then again, everything in Copenhagen is on the pricier side anyway. All in all, worth it, and the best part is – the entire wedding crew stayed there together.

Saif and I went back to FIAT for lunch, one of our favourite restaurants in Copenhagen. It’s Italian and has the loveliest ambiance… We shared a winter salad and had a pasta each. 5/5 if you ask us! So good, and great service. The wine was also top! We both agreed it may have gone down as one of the best lunches we’ve ever had together – and that says a lot, considering we have had a fair share of great meals together over the last three years! Ha ha.

After a long lunch we headed out for a bit of shopping. I picked up a new pair of heels and tights from Magasin, a famous department store in Copenhagen (think: the Selfridges of Denmark, basically). Then we went for a walk, and came across the cozy Christmas market on Kongens Nytorv. I highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to go to Copenhagen for a day before the end of the year! We ate sausage and drank beer in -3 degrees Celsius. Freezing, but the lights, Christmas carols and overall ambiance makes it warm and snuggly. Such a cute little memory to bring back with us to the Indian heat… I really miss the cold when I’m in India – a polar bear at heart, I guess.

By evening we met up with some of our favourite people in the world: Bianca and Johan, the married couple-to-be, and some more friends who had just arrived. We had cocktails in the lobby of the hotel, before we made our way to Union Kitchen, where we kicked off the wedding celebration with the guests who had already arrived for the big day. Burgers, truffle fries, great friends and margaritas… Can it get any better than that? I can’t tell you how much we appreciate Bianca and Johan – they offer such genuine, uncomplicated, true friendship, and every time we meet we’re reminded of it.

Saif and I were in bed by 10pm on Friday night. My eyes were closing, and I was trying to decide whether it was due to jet lag and traveling, or due to the tequila! Considering our schedule the last week or so, it was less likely the latter…

More to come about the incredible couple and beautiful wedding weekend! I’m currently in Sweden, and my mom is waiting for me so we can head out for a walk together on the Swedish countryside… I’m home for two more days, so better make the most of it.

More to come friends! Lots of love!

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