Home sweet home
















Home sweet home! After the wedding weekend in Copenhagen, Saif and I rushed to Copenhagen airport together, and while he went off to his flight back to India, I ran to catch the train that would take me to Sweden. The Southern Swedish border is a 12-15 minute train ride away from Copenhagen Airport, so whenever I go home I fly to Denmark and take the train across the bridge to go home.

On the Swedish border, my sister and her boyfriend, Joakim, were waiting for me. It doesn’t matter how many years I’ve lived away from home. I’m counting 10 years as a permanent resident abroad next year, and the best feeling in the world is still the feeling of walking onto that platform and seeing my mom or my sister stand there and jump and wave and smile out of excitement. Makes me smile even thinking about it.

Our dad met up with us right outside the train station, and had us over for lunch. I was so happy to see my younger siblings again. Ellie is almost 7 now, and Noah is almost 4. Time flies… My parents have been divorced now for just about eight years, and one of the things that bothers me the most about living abroad and not being home often enough, is not being able to see these little kiddos grow up. They do recognise me though! Half the time they call me Maja (my other sister), but that’s okay. I’m just grateful the accept me and let me hug and kiss them whenever I’m around. Gosh, it makes me tear up writing this! I’ve always felt really emotional about my siblings and really do hope to have the opportunity to spend more time with them in the future. I am sure, I will. Ellie loves math, which made me happy to hear. I have cried so many tears over math class in my life – from kindergarten to college – if she doesn’t have to deal with the fear of numbers the way I always did, I’ll be forever grateful… I just want them to be the happiest kids in the world – feel safe and never worry.

By evening, Maja, Joakim and I headed home to Österlen where my mom stays (and where we grew up). It’s basically the Swedish countryside, about an hour and a half with train from Malmö. My mom had turned the house into a typical Christmas Eve, with Christmas songs, glögg, yummy food, a tree to dress, and grandparents to hug. We had an incredible meal, with my favourite mushroom soup (with mushroom my mom picked not too far from our house!), potato gratin, steak and bearnaise sauce – the one meal I request for my first night home every single time I go home, year in and year out. Again, it’s been ten years! For dessert, a delicious frozen saffron cheesecake with raspberries. My mom sure knows how to cook!

We dressed the Christmas tree, shared memories, and laughed together until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Happy in the heart!

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