Scandinavian winter traditions




















I never told you guys about our Saturday in Copenhagen. It was such a beautiful day, that ended in the most special wedding ceremony (the wedding, I’m telling you guys about in a separate post though).

We started the day with a typical Scandinavian breakfast feast. Scandinavians looove their bread with cheese, meats and fresh cut veggies, and why not a boiled egg with caviar on the side? I think Saif has gotten used to it – initially he used to beg for an a la carte menu, to get something closer to an Eggs Benedict type meal. Now he happily eats the Swedish/Danish inspired buffet, and I keep bringing bread and cheese with me back to India for us every time we go back home…

We had the opportunity to share the cozy breakfast meal with our favourite bride and groom to be before they were off on wedding day duties. After hugging them goodbye & wishing them love & luck, we were off on a brief tourist spree. Saif and I walked from the hotel to Rundetårn, which is a tall, round tower attached to a famous church in Copenhagen. You can see the entire city from there (and freeze your fingers off if you don’t wear gloves). We walked all the way up to the top and enjoyed the beautiful view from up there.

Saif stopped and bought a really sweet gift for me, which I’ll show you guys once we’re back in India again. He also bought an ornament for my mom’s Christmas tree–a tradition I’ve told him we do at the end of each year. After walking around for a bit, we braved the 0 degree temperature of the day and grabbed a beer at an outdoor bar in Nyhavn. Blankets, heaters and catching up outdoors is probably one of the cosiest things you can do in the winter, if you ask me. There’s also something really special about going with Saif on adventures in places that I consider home. I would say one of my favourite things about having a partner from a different country and culture is the fact that you get to share each others backgrounds and traditions with each other–teach each other new things and be a part of the things that your other half has done while growing up or as an annual tradition with their friends and family.

Before heading back to the hotel, we grabbed lunch at Union Kitchen again. It was so convenient having the restaurant located right next to our hotel. I can highly recommend this restaurant if you go to Copenhagen at any point – it’s always full though, so make a reservation in advance, and try their brunch if you get the opportunity to!


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