Mommy & daughter day


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Hi guys!

Just wanted to check in here before boarding my flight. I’ve had the cosiest couple of days back home on the Swedish country side.

Yesterday I dedicated to seeing my grandparents and spending time with my best friend aka my mom. No matter what we’re up to, we’re always having a great time… We packed the day with a couple of errands, to pick up things I usually want to bring back to India with me (think pharmacy and grocery store shopping), and made stops at my grandmother’s and grandfather’s graves to leave some flowers and say hi… Then we went for lunch—we both had our usual favorites: lobster tail sandwich with aioli and a mocha (half espresso half hot chocolate) drinks. Y U M!

We ended the day with more grandparents, then I headed home to pack up while mom prepared a delicious dinner.

It’s been an absolute blast being back home, and even though it was way too short, I know I’ll be seeing my mom and sister soon. In fact, mom, Maja and Joakim are coming to spend Christmas and New Years with us in India. I can’t wait!

It’s a tough goodbye, as always, but also very much of a ‘see you soon’. Now I got 7 hours to kill on a flight to Dubai, and then another three hours from there.

Speak from back in Bombay tomorrow morning guys—have a great Thursday. And to my family, if you read this (I know you do), I frickin love you. So much. Ok now I’m tearing up again.

Speak soon!


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