Breakfast & byes

This morning, after saying bye to my mom, I took the train to Malmö to sync up with Maja and Joakim for breakfast at their apartment, before leaving for the airport…


They recently started renovating their new home, and just had their kitchen redesigned. Such a facelift—it’s crazy how much a beautiful kitchen can do… Personally I’m also a bit biased considering a kitchen is almost always my favourite room in a home. I guess that’s why it also deserves the most attention?

IMG_4073Smoothie, sandwich, egg with caviar and candles everywhere… Can it get cozier/more Swedish? It becomes clear to me how Swedish I am whenever I go home and realise my preferred ways of eating and doing things aren’t typical me—they’re typical Swedish…


We also planned their upcoming India trip and discussed what they want to do while they’re there. I honestly can’t wait to have them! It will be Joakim’s first trip to India—Maja’s second, and mom’s third. For New Year’s Eve, we’ve rented a cozy villa… Which reminds me, I need to make our dinner reservations as soon as I am back tomorrow. It tends to get mad crowded in Goa during those dates…


After breakfast it was time for me to jump into a cab and head to Copenhagen Airport, to catch my first flight back to Bombay. We asked Joakim to take our traditional bye-for-now photo.


Let me remind you it was raining while he was taking this of us – and no, it’s not an ad for Mio (they just happen to have really practical, large bags for people who shop too much while they’re abroad)…

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