From 37,010 ft


I’m about 37,010 ft up in the air, in an A380-800 while writing this. Flying with Emirates to and from Copenhagen and Bombay has been wonderful – no this is not an ad, and yes, I’m saying this after Emirates made me miss my connection in Dubai last time I travelled, leaving me stranded for 18 hours. I’ll say it again: Emirates, it’s been lovely. The new A380 lets you cruise through the sky in the smoothest, non-turbulent way possible.

I’m catching up on tons of work during the flight to try and clean up as much as possible before reaching the office tomorrow morning. Did I say I’m off to another wedding in Udaipur this weekend? He he. Yes, I’m serious.

My next seat neighbours is a madly in love middle-aged couple, and I keep having to stop myself from sneaking a peak at them. They’re adorable – drinking champagne, red wine, white wine and whiskey, planning their trip, chatting with the airhostess and solving sudoku together. Could be worse, right?

I’m about to run out of free wifi now, and technically I’m against using wifi while flying (there’s no better place to cut off from technology anyway), so I’m going to get back to work and finish some stuff off before I start a movie. I’m choosing between The Big Sick, The Zookeeper’s Wife, and a documentary about Marilyn Monroe…

Have you seen either of them?


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