Home bound



I’m so tired today! Sitting here finishing up my coffee and hoping that it will give me enough energy to get through the day. One can only hope?

We must have slept by 3am or so—I was up packing and getting everything ready for departure, and then we watched some TV for probably a total of five minutes, considering I always fight to watch something good on TV before we sleep, then crash before Saif has even found something for us worthy of watching.

I was supposed to take an afternoon return flight with Saif and the rest of the Mumbaikars today, but we decided that I would book an earlier ticket to get back in time for a meeting. I have a lot of work this week, and need to get back to routine.

I can’t wait to unpack and unwind tonight all by myself. I don’t think I’ve had an hour to myself for nearly a month, and those who know me well know that although I’m an extreme extrovert, I’m as much of an introvert. Hanna-time overdue, while I reflect over the last few weeks of gorgeous weddings and time spent with friends and family…

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