The perfect weekend




On Saturday night, we partied. Sober though—no alcohol involved—and I think that was a blessing considering I’ve been traveling (read: partying) off and on, on the daily for the last three weeks. I was telling my mom that on the phone yesterday: Its quite nice to go to a party where no one’s drunk. The level of socialising is different. The music takes care of the stiffness, and the non-alcoholic beverages just makes the conversation a whole lot more interesting. Don’t get me wrong—I by no means am against drinking. I love my wine! But every now and then its refreshing to be without it…




I was wearing an outfit by Natasha Dalal which I got made for the occasion. I eyed this outfit over two years ago when it popped up on my Instagram feed. A lot of Indian wedding-wear is very sparkly and glittery, and I’m definitely more of a plain than a sparkly person. I love this outfit because its a bit of both—classic yet different. When I finally decided to invest in my first lehenga, I knew this was the one I wanted.



The night was the Sangeet, where usually the dance performances take place. The Sangeet is almost always the night of the big party—loud music, lots of lights, and dancing until early morning hours. We danced with all the parents—Indian parents are such great dancers! Even the grandparents who can barely walk or stand, manage to get themselves to break it down on the dance floor. It’s amazing to see really. The theme of the night was Bollywood, and in the dining area the theme was India and Peru. I tried Peruvian food for the first time and fell in love with a mushroom-quinoa dish that I forgot the name of…



On Sunday morning Saif left for the gym early. I did a Fitness Blender in the hotel room, and then I went for a swim. Udaivilas has two pools—one for laps and one for leisure (with a gorgeous view). I went to the one made for exercising, set the alarm for 20 minutes and swam. I had the entire pool area all to myself, and all I could hear was birds chirping in the trees surrounding me…



After getting our morning exercise fix we met up for breakfast on our private terrace. Is there ANYTHING better in life than eating outdoors? Pretty sure the answer is no on that one.














IMG_4494 2

By afternoon, the wedding planners were setting up the ceremony for the evening. BY lunch time, we got dressed into Indian Smart Casual and hit up the jetty. Another lovely boat ride took us to the Taj Lake Palace—a hotel that is located in the middle of the lake, and the only way to access it is by boat. At Lake Palace, Naman was hosting a lunch, while Shraddha was back at Udaivilas getting ready. We had lunch, hung out with the groom and enjoyed the beautiful views. Saif and I found ourselves a private mini-dome where we got some downtime before heading back to the hotel. This short but sweet half an hour was one of my favourite parts about the weekend. Up on the terrace the wind was blowing just about right, and the backdrop was…well, as you can see for yourself…gorgeous.


Anyone who has the opportunity to go to Udaipur should go there. I’ve not said that about many places I’ve been to in the world, no matter how beautiful and amazing. There’s just something so special about Udaipur. Royalty, scenery, hospitality, adventure and tranquility, all in one. Even better is if you go with a loved one. Probably one of the most romantic weekends I’ve ever had, even without the incredible wedding in the equation.

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