Counting my blessings

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Happy Friday, you guys.

Yesterday, in between meetings, I rushed off to pick up some photos I got printed for Shraddha’s father—it was his birthday yesterday and he was having us for dinner at Golden Dragon, at the Taj Mahal in Colaba. The photos turned out really well, and everyone loved them. I enjoy giving gifts when its something truly personal—I’m less of a fan when its about buying something for buyings sake. I think I’ve started feeling that way since I moved to India, where no one really gives gifts for Christmas, weddings or birthdays. And if they do, its mostly cash (which everyone could always use more of). Haha.

After dinner, I took Saif’s car to the Oberoi and met up with an old, very close, very dear, friend. I’m not giving any names or details (its not social media approved yet), but basically, I walked right into a surprise engagement! I still can’t believe it. After years of not seeing each other, I had the opportunity to be a part of their special day. Oh damnit—now I’m tearing up again!

Speaking of tearing up: I barely want to put this in writing, but lately I’m bring reminded of how fragile life is, over and over. Saif’s very close family friend was looking forward to retiring this month, but yesterday he received a diagnosis of stage 3 or 4 brain cancer. My heart shatters for him and his family. Then there’s Alexia, a Swedish blogger I’ve been following for a while, who writes about her young daughters very recent leukaemia diagnosis and their day-to-day battle against the awful disease. She has been writing about how terrible it is to not be able to feed your child when she’s crying from hunger, because she’s about to go into surgery and needs to fast before. Then yesterday, she came to the realisation that, at least she knows she will be able to feed her as soon as the surgery is over: Imagine all the parents who can’t feed their children for days, or weeks, on end. There’s something heartbreaking yet heartwarming in realising the need to count our blessings in the very bottom of a dark, deep pit.

Thinking about this makes me realise how lucky I am. I can wake up every morning, to complain about stupid things like wrinkled shirts and non-ergonomic pillows. And just like that, I ran into a new friend who runs a Children’s Hospital in Mumbai. I’m going there on Monday morning, to see the property and find out how I can volunteer my time there on the weekends. This country offers so much opportunity to make a difference—you know the feeling of when there are so many things you could do, you don’t know in what end to start or where to begin? That way. So now I’m starting with the children’s hospital. Thank you Corinne and Alexia, for inspiring me.

Counting my blessings today—you all are one of them.


2 thoughts on “Counting my blessings

  1. Så vackert du skriver. Jag är så glad att det faktiskt kommer mycket bra av den sistuationen vi befinner oss i. Att vi kan påverka folk till att faktiskt ta så här fantastiska beslut, att människor tänker lite extra på andra och att man kanske får en tankeställare om va skört livet är ❤️ Massa kärlek till dig, jag följer din resa


    • Åh ❤️ Så fint svar, tack fina Alexia. Jag följer och hejar på er varje dag härifrån. Tänker ofta på vilken stark tjej Corinne är, och framför allt kommer att bli när hon blir äldre! Finaste Naomi också. Kramar till er, allt blir bra ❤️


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