Richa the rat whisperer






I’ve had one of my best friends and her boyfriend, Bharat, stay with me over the last couple of days. Isn’t it weird how with some people, time and distance doesn’t change a thing? Richa and I spent the first year and a half of living in Mumbai together. Almost every single night, I’d come over to her house. We’d light candles, sit on the floor, open a bottle of wine and talk or watch movies. And on nights we didn’t do that, we’d be out partying somewhere. We did a lot of partying at the time.

Fast forward three something years later: We’re having dinner and sleepover back in Bombay–and with the loves of our lives too, that is. I held a brief toast, and said “Welcome to the family!“. I meant the boys, obviously. Welcome to Richa’s and my family.

When we got home, there was a massive (think: 3-4 cm) cockroach in my bathroom, and I had a crisis. The building I live in recently had some pipe-work done, which included clearing out the drain in my shower. Its a building built over 100 years ago, so I feel like its fine to have shitty pipes at that point (he he). That being said, there are two things I cannot handle in life: Cockroaches and rats.  Thinking about it literally brings me to tears. In all the panic, I forgot to close the front door properly. Bharat had the honour of finding (and killing) the cockroach, but he didn’t want to touch it, so we came to an agreement that we’d cover it with a bowl for now. It was not until we all sat down on my bed to take a deep breath, that we all saw a rat running across the living room. It had come in through the front door while we were taking care of the cockroach.

No, I am not joking.

And do you know what the crazier part is?! Last time Richa came and stayed at my place, about two years back, we discovered a rat in the kitchen. Not once have I had to deal with a rat: Not before, and not after that–only on the last night of her stay at my place, both times she’s visited me! We once again made Bharat go out in the living room, and didn’t get him back in until he had found a way to scare it out through the bacony door…

Tip of the day is to keep all windows, doors and drains (!) closed during this time of the year. The change in weather brings out my biggest fears. It’s that, or it’s my dearest  Richa who brings them here…

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