Lady Baga takes Bombay


















I’m not sure how many of you have been to Goa. Goa is basically India’s beach paradise. Being a Portoguese colony until 1961, Goa has a large catholic population, and the Portuguese, Eastern/Western culture still remains—from the architecture to its social environment. It has a its own picturesque, simple-life kind of vibe, and in the 70’s, the hippie movement found its way to Goa. From Mick and Jade Jagger to Paul McCartney, the wild parties (read: raves) and laid back scenes have made people from all over the world travel there and eventually come to call it home. Safe to say, Goa is a place unlike nowhere else.

As you can imagine, most of us here love Goa. In fact, everyone I know loves Goa—a place for anyone open-minded and open-hearted, who appreciates beach shack vibes and cheap seafood & beer.

This week I had the pleasure of being invited to Lady Baga for dinner with my friends. Inspired by Goa, of course, Lady Baga is the Olive Group’s latest baby, and one of Bombay’s latest venues in the restaurant space.

When entering the property you’re greeted with a hippie van and bright colours, with a little garden where you immediately feel like kicking your shoes off and dipping your toes in the sand—Goa style. Upon entering the restaurant, the entire place is decorated with a Goan vibe. Think: Colours, dim-lit, festive lights, stars, bags and funky decor, all hanging from the high ceiling. Low key trance style music mixed with Bob Dylan’s greatest hits. Extremely friendly and knowledgable staff greeting you. The hostess with a feather in her hair. For those of you who have been to Goa—you know what I’m talking about.

The food was great. We kicked off the meal with a chorizo bloody mary—yes, it was as yummy as it sounds. Then, a massive feast awaited us. My favourites were the prawn fried thingys (Sorry, I can’t remember the name. Ask for fried prawn triangles, maybe?), a fresh strawberry & fig salad, the grilled lemon-garlic calamari, and of course the different curries with rice and baked bread to go with it. My whole no-carbs diet definitely went for a bit of a toss—but what the hell.

Lucky for us, Lady Baga is now in Bombay, and for those of us who don’t make it to Goa as often as we’d like—now you know where to get your dose of it.

Thank you to AD and the entire Lady Baga team for having me. I foresee many fun Bombay-Goan nights in the new year!

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