Christmas feels

It’s literally the day before Christmas. I had squeezed in approximately eight meetings today, and then I strategically planned my last pre-Christmas meeting in a location where I could simultaneously sip on a Hoegaarden.

I don’t have much of an update today–all I’ve literally done is run errands, meeting-hopped, and done a few things to prepare for the arrival of my sister and her boyfriend tomorrow morning. That’s right! They’re coming! I feel like my Christmas feelings are lagging behind massively this year though–haven’t had an ounce of Christmas feeling in me this season. But just the thought of Maja and Joakim arriving tonight, and mom arriving on Thursday, gets my festive vibes going.

I’m blasting Snowman by Sia right now by the way. Her entire Christmas album is muy bueno. Or however you say it. It makes me want to put red lipstick on etc. Shit I really love this time of the year.

Going to cuddle up with some homemade hazelnut ice cream and an episode of The Crown now. Its taking me forever to watch season 2 because I keep pausing and Googling the real life events around the plot. I feel like I know Queen Elizabeth at this point. Or at least wish I did.

Christmas, Santa, Elves and all the carols in the world. Come at me, I’m ready for you!

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 11.39.13 PM

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