A rather unusual Christmas Eve

We had a rather unusual Christmas Eve here in India!


On the morning of the 24th, I picked up my sister Maja and her boyfriend Joakim at the airport in the crack of dawn. By the time we came home it was breakfast time.


We were planning to go out for breakfast, but we were so exhausted we decided to start the day with whatever we could find in my fridge. There’s also something so special about having your morning coffee in a robe vs tight jeans…


After breakfast we packed up and left for the jetty. The gateway area was the most crowded I’ve ever seen it.


We were so relieved by the time we got on the speed boat to take us to Alibaug…


When we reached Alibaug we were greeted with a check-in area and cold water to beat the heat. #Yosgonetofaa is the official hashtag of Yohan’s and Farah’s big wedding, and this weekend was the official pre-wedding Christmas party getaway for 100 of their friends.


Everyone jumped into the pool the second we reached Yohan’s house.


Maja and I were wearing the same dress but in different colours. You know you’re sisters when you pack the same outfit without coordinating. Ha!


Vedika and Joakim beat us in beer pong.


Guests drank and danced. And pushed innocent people into the pool.


Beautiful Summi was recovering from her own wedding week. Her and Arnav tied the knot just last weekend!


Someone was telling pretty Nashy something funny.


Old friends were happy to be reunited.


I was so happy to be reunited with my sister and best friend. This chick makes me realise there’s no chance I can only have one child in life. I need to give my future kid what this baby sister gives me.


And somehow this guy manages to make me fall more in love with him every year.


Amazing baby mama Aarti was snapping Polaroids and was basically the life of the party.


Boys were wearing animal prints and drinking beer.


The night ended before midnight – isn’t that always the best part about day parties? One can live and breathe the next day. Maja and I woke up to spend some sister quality time by the pool. That made me happy in the heart.


By lunch time we returned to Bombay. The captain drove the speed boat slow to avoid a few of us getting sea sick, which made me happy because I love traveling by boat. Bombay looks so peaceful from afar.


From boat to land: A stop at the Table for Christmas lunch was in order. We ate everything on the menu, planned the rest of the trip, and laughed about memories from the night before.

All in all, an amazing 24th. I couldn’t have asked for more!


One thought on “A rather unusual Christmas Eve

  1. That’s so cute that you and your sister had the same dress to wear. You both look so beautiful! And everyone seems to be having so much fun! Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday even if it wasn’t celebrated in the traditional way. 🙂


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