Italian business






As if the last couple of months of traveling, between Jodhpur, Copenhagen, Sweden, Udaipur and Goa, weren’t enough, I’m currently finding myself on a flight between Amsterdam and Milan. I’m about to spend a week between Milan, Florence, Rome and lastly, Paris. I’ve never been to Italy before, but I’m convinced I was at least half-Italian in one of my past lives. The actual reason for going is some personal business, which unfortunately I can’t talk about on the blog right now.

The flight from Mumbai to Amsterdam was stress-free. I watched TED Talks, took notes, ate popcorn, had a glass of wine, worked a bit, and slept. I think I slept about 6 solid hours.

I was always of the opinion that Business class was a waste of money. Until I flew Business class. Now I know, it’s worth every penny and every dime, to sleep on a flat bed, wearing a pyjamas and ordering food whenever you want. I also watched half of What Happened To Monday and kind of really liked it. It’s half lame, half great, if you know what I mean?

Going to devour my in-flight lunch now. Lasagna and good olive oil, in honour of the Italians.

If you have any recommendations for either of the cities, I’d love your thoughts on what to do, where to go, and what to eat.

Ciao for now!

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