Another night another girls night

Yesterday I hosted a girls night at Olive Bar & Kitchen in Mumbai. It was a huge success and we ended up being around 70 of us, maybe more. I had made a 15 question quiz which took me like three days to perfect, but as I was reaching the venue I showed the questions to Saif, who immediately reminded me that all my 50 printed and stapled quiz copies had the right answers highlighted in bold. Oh well. So no quiz. But we had the hobby-stickers from last event–literally so popular that some of the girls were walking in to the venue asking for them before even saying hi. Or more like a ‘hi oh and where are the stickers?!’ kind of hello. Must print more, reminder to myself…

Screen Shot 2018-01-20 at 7.28.52 PM

I had also set up two bowls–one called ‘Give’ and one called ‘Take’–with a message encouraging everyone to write their best sharable advice of 2018 and share it with a stranger. You put your advice in the ‘Give’ bowl, and take one from the other. Most girls took the note they picked up with them home, but some were left and I brought them home. One of my favourite ones was “Keep a diary. Writing solves (pretty much) everything”. It’s true. I need a diary.

Oh and I need a new phone too. The camera on my phone has stopped working since like two months, AKA the reason I don’t have any good photos to put up from last night. You’ll just have to trust the cards–it was a great night indeed! x

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