To wash, or not wash, my hair…

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I have a dilemma, which is not actually an actual dilemma, but a huge inconvenience which I am blessed and (not blessed) to deal with on a daily basis.

If I could work out every day, I would. The reason I don’t do it, is because I’m either too lazy (very likely) or because I don’t feel like washing my hair. And before you say it: I’m not one of those girls who can get away with not washing it post a run here and there–when I work out I sweat an abnormal amount. I’m not exaggerating when I say puddles of sweat, dripping from my face, leaving stains as I move across the gym. That kind of sweaty.

That means, I’m forced to go home and wash my hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner every morning before I leave for the office. This is obviously 1) super annoying + time consuming and 2) not great for the hair (it gets very dry).

Today I’m extra sad about it because I just went for a haircut and blow-dry over the weekend. My hair was perfect, and then this happened… If anyone has any thoughts or advice on how to work out and get sweaty without damaging the mane in the process, I’d love to hear your secrets!

And, what about a good blowdryer? Does anyone know of a good Indian brand? I currently rely on towel and air drying–I’m such a boy when it comes to these things…


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