Midweek babyshower

Yesterday was my friend Gayatri’s baby shower. She’s due mid-April and I’m literally praying to the birthday Gods that he/she pops out on my birthday…


A meeting kept me in the office until kind of late, so I arrived towards the end, but luckily the girls had saved some food for me. Yes, missing out on food is always a concern of mine.


In India, it is illegal to find out the gender of the baby prior to it being born. This because of girls for the longest time being considered a ‘burden’ on the family, for more reasons than one. As history goes, from dowry to handing over the ‘girl child’ to the boy’s family at the time of marriage, the Indian government forbid checkups to find out the gender of the baby, to reduce the number of girls being aborted. So terrible! And good, I think. That the government did that.


Our mama-to-be was looking stunning, obviously. I almost think its a little scary to think about that there is a little human being in there? A couple of feet and two hands moving freely on the inside…of someone else. OK, very creepy… And beautiful too.


Another thing that was beautiful was the food and dessert table. I had truffle cheese and chocolate pastries. No diet for the people!


The decoration was looking dreamy.


The full gang. Saif’ sister, Shehla, and Gayatri, have grown up together side by side. I often wish I had at least one or two friends who had known me since before I could walk or speak? One of my closest friends, Elin, has known me longer than any of my friends. We met in high school, so definitely post me learning how to walk etc…


Then the girls decided it was time to perform. Songs like ‘Mama’ by Spice Girls were requested. We all sang along. Love friends who sing and dance without being intoxicated?!


After song, dance, snacks and champagne, it was time for me to head home…


I came home and took a selfie, so that I could show you guys my face for the evening. I need to seriously get better at taking photos of myself? Love being behind the camera, preferably not in front of it. Not very blogger-friendly of me, I get that…


Before bedtime I made sure to open the pretty goodie bag from the baby shower…


It was a mini-Ganpat statue to keep in my home, for prosperity, fortune and success. How cute? I’m keeping it in the center of my home–my living room–for maximum effect.

Can’t wait to meet mini-Gayatri or mini-Arjun. Congratulations guys!


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