Last weekly plan of January ’18



If you asked anyone who spent a decent amount of time around me 7-8 years ago, they’d tell you I wasn’t much of a weekday vs. weekend person. It was all sort of the same to me. I’m excited to say that I’m finally back in that frame of mind. Monday, Sunday, Friday or Wednesday – the only difference is the speed and way which the world moves around you. I really missed that feeling.

I’m having a working lunch on most days of the week, and today is no different. How yummy does my salad and juice from Sequel look?

I have some exciting things planned this week, and I thought I’d start picking up a weekly habit which I enjoy in some of the blogs I read on a daily basis–namely, a weekly planner. Here are some things that I have planned for the week!



The blog is in focus today–I’m hoping to share my Italy and France recommendations with you by mid-week. I know I’ve promised to do that for ages, but I’ve had some issues with uploading new content to the blog. Hopefully this should be resolved by Wednesday or Thursday, at the very latest. Hold tight! I also kicked off the day with a very interesting meeting at the Children’s Hospital in Tardeo. More on that soon! This evening, I’m meeting a friend for a glass of wine if I don’t leave work too late. And dinner with Saif at home, of course. This tends to be my very favourite part of any day…



The only day I don’t have any plans this week, except for my workout, office, and I may cook us a Swedish meal for dinner. My mom brought meatballs, pickled cucumbers, lingonberries and sausages from Sweden when she came. Yum yum bubblegum!



Office, a couple of meetings scheduled, and following up on some charity-related work. I’m meeting my friend Devika for dinner at her house in the night. We’re cooking dinner, and I’ve just received the instructions ‘something with minced chicken’. Any minced chicken recipes you want to share? Please send them my way!



Working out, office for the day, and then I have two exciting meetings scheduled for the evening. One podcast meeting, and one WAC-meeting for an event I have in the making. My rule of thumb is to keep Thursday’s free from plans, since weekends are generally really busy. This week I’m trying to merge weekdays and weekends though, remember?



Except work, meetings, and the usual run-arounds, Saif and I have one birthday and one wedding to attend. Lakme fashion week is also kicking off this week, so I’m planning on attending a couple of shows as well–there’s one on Friday which I’m particularly excited about.


What are your thoughts on planning your week in advance? In a way I find it more stressful to be booked out every day of the week, but at the same time, its the only way I can stay organised and make sure I have time for all the things I want to do in life… I guess, its all a constant act of balancing in between commitments and priorities.

Happy week everyone!

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