Travel plans, career-rocketship, and a list of 5’s


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One of my resolutions for this year was to travel more. So, here we go: This week, I’m trying to pencil out all our travel plans this year. From Dubai in February, Sweden in March/April, London in June, Sweden and Italy in August, and with a bunch of wedding plans and Saif’s 30th birthday coming up later in the year, let’s just say, we’ve got a busy 2018. On top of that, I’m trying to make it make sense for me to go for my 5th year reunion at Brown University in May. It would be so wonderful to see my friends from college properly for the first time since I graduated. One of my best friends, Paige, just messaged me asking if I’m going. I so want to say yes right away, but I also think its a bit much time and money, with all the traveling between continents on a monthly basis, especially since this is my dedicated career-rocketship-year.

Did you go back for your college reunion? 


I also found this survey/checklist on Sandra’s blog and decided to fill it out myself too. Got so much love for these kind of lists?!

5 things I say often:

  • For sure
  • Babe?
  • Sorry
  • I could be wrong, but… [Stop Hanna, just stop it]


5 things I think about often:

  • Worst case scenarios 
  • What should I have for dinner tonight?
  • Should I work out today?
  • Am I doing enough?
  • I’m a forgetful thinker, and often think a lot about what I just thought of


5 things I often dream about at night:

  • That the ground below me is caving in and I’m trying to run to avoid falling through
  • That I am lost
  • That I am on a flight that is crashing
  • That I am about to miss my flight
  • That I am at a party


5 things I always order when I’m on holiday:

  • a local beer
  • red wine
  • regular coke [no diet on holiday duh]
  • french fries with ketchup and any kind of dip sauce available
  • beef tartare [because I can’t eat raw meat in India]


5 things I want to happen before the end of the year:

  • move in with Saif
  • spend like a month in Sweden in the summer
  • finish at least 75% of my book
  • learn more about investing my money. invest my money.
  • expand WAC

I have also promised myself to be more positive this year. To think twice before I complain, so every time I’m about to spill out something negative, I think once more before I do. In most scenarios, I never end up saying what I was just about to. A highly recommended resolution, I must say!

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