Back to college

Yesterday we celebrated our friends Zarir and Anisha, at the first function before their upcoming wedding next weekend. This was the night of their ‘youngsters’, which basically is a night where all the close friends of the bride and groom get together go celebrate one last time before the wedding.


The theme of the night was ‘back to college’, and the venue was Olive in Bandra – same venue as where I hosted the WAC night a couple of weeks back.


I wore a long sleeve t-shirt from Brown, a skirt from this store called Machine A in London, and boots from Stuart Weitzman. I love the skirt and have been waiting for a good occasion to wear it since sometime mid-last year.


Caught two lovebirds in action.


And some party birds too.


I love when parties are all in, from theme to decorations to ambiance and dress code. Everyone had taken the college vibe very seriously.


I took a photo of the sign yesterday, but forgot to read the ‘house rules’ until this morning. If there was actually a bell ringing for people to chug down a beer, I missed it. However I chugged anyway.


Zarir had made matching “frat-tees” for all his best friends, and Anisha’s best friends were wearing sorority caps.


Farah and Yohan were back from honeymooning in Australia.


All the guys, and a few of the girls, were doing repeated keg stands. I considered it until I realised I was wearing a skirt, for a change. Glad to have realised before the damage was done.


Never really been a keg stand kind of gal, but its definitely a fun watch.


Sort of a very college-y vibe going on here.


More sorority vibes with these beauties.


The party was a blast and we all danced, ate and drank until late. By the time we left to head home I was basically falling asleep standing. I generally have a tendency to get really tired around 2-3, to the point where I really struggle to stay awake at times. To add to this is the fact that I can literally sleep anywhere at any time. Good and bad I guess. Calls for some really awkward moments, though.

Today has been a lazy day for me. We’re both feeling a bit under the weather, so instead of a bunch of prior commitments, from fashion shows to wedding functions, I stayed in bed for most of the day. Caught up on emails, watched Netflix, called my massage guy over for an hour back, neck and head massage, and ate Indian food. Saif, Shehla and I did manage a brunch at The Table by mid-afternoon. What does one not do for a yummy meal anyway? Sunday’s are for eating.

I’ve fallen asleep about eight times since I started writing this post, so I think its time to hit the hay. Excuse me in advance for any typos or a poorly written post…

Night x

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