Swedish taco night

Today was one of those crazy long days that never seemed to end. Not in a bad way – it was just really long. I had meeting after meeting after meeting at work, prepared a few outlines for upcoming blog posts, brainstormed on a final flow and structure for our podcast, and worked on WAC.

I got home from the office around 9pm tonight and was starved. Listened to Genom Eld ooh Vatten with Sarek, while making a yoghurt sauce with garlic, lemon, salt, pepper, since anyway I wasn’t making out with Saif tonight, or even coming close to anyone else for that matter. Garlic breath for the win. I still remember a teacher calling out to the entire class when I was like 11 – who in this classroom ate garlic last night? Me, obviously. Kind of rude of her to ask so publicly, now that I think about it.


Then I chopped and fried some onions. And more garlic. Truth is I came across an article about the benefits of garlic this morning and now I’m kind of hooked. It’s literally good to heal just about anything, and its also one of the most tasty things in the world.


Then I prepared some chicken mince on the stove, mixed it with the onion and garlic, plus added a bunch of spices to flavour it. Cayenne pepper, paprika powder, chili powder, oregano, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. Mix. Cook. Done.


Chopped up some veggies to eat with it.


I just realised this looks pretty terrible, but you’re just going to have to take my word for it: It was tasty. And easy.  Easy is all you get for dinner when its 11pm before you get to devour it.

I enjoyed my Swedish tacos while watching the last two episodes of The Sinner.

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