Two photos to describe the last 24 hours of my life

I’m back from Bangalore! Well, sort of. I arrived back to Bombay last night – I landed in bed sometime around 3.30 and woke up to my alarm five hours later, just to start packing for destination weekend-in-Dubai. Reminder to self to not schedule meetings when you know its going to result in six hours of sleep. Remember, remember… Today I’ve had a day filled with meetings, and one of the toughest workouts I’ve ever done – balanced out with two glasses of wine and another meeting for dessert.

Two photos to describe the last 24 hours of my life:


1. Paulina and I basically both had work in Bangalore this week, shared a hotel room together, caught up properly for the first time in months, and when we were saying bye in the morning we realised we had booked our return trips at the exact same time. Meant to be, right? While she was heading off to Goa, and I was going back to Bombay, we sat down at a restaurant to have dinner and send some emails – when a random person came up to me and said she needed to charge her phone in my laptop. I was hoping to charge my own phone at the time, but when she didn’t give in, my USB port became hers to take. I couldn’t say no. Not that it was bad or anything, but still found it slightly obnoxious. Am I being super Swedish right now? Either way, now I’m curious – would you tell a stranger to charge your phone for you? I wouldn’t. Definitely not.



2. My Uber app wasn’t working this morning when I was heading to my first meeting of the day. And since I had just decided to leave for Dubai less than 24 hours later, I obviously also conveniently decided to carry my suitcase with me instead of having to go back and forth later. After being refused by two cabs, this driver was kind enough to take me and my massive luggage. Only issue was that the luggage didn’t fit in the frontseat, so we spent 15 minutes tying the suitcase to the roof to make sure it wouldn’t blow off during the 1.5 hour highway ride I had ahead of me later on. Wasn’t even frustrating – just slightly sweaty yet grateful that a kind soul felt like helping a hectic person out. Yes, me.


That’s all for now. Speak to you from the UAE! X


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