A mehndi outfit and my hectic Bombay return

IMG_0207 2

IMG_0210 2

Top and pant Shehlaa by Shehla Khan, wallet/clutch Valentino, earrings H&M

Hi guys.

I meant to update you yesterday, about my weekend in Dubai, my two days at our friends wedding in Raz Al Khaimah, and about my return to Bombay yesterday. But I was just so. damn. tired. Saif and I ended up taking a red eye flight back from DXB to BOM, so I landed in Bombay at 8.30am and went straight to a 12 hour day in the office. As expected, I’ve now been hit by a case of the flu, considering its pretty understandable that my immune system took a step aside during all the hecticness. Safe to say, my health takes a toll every time I don’t allow my body to rest properly for more than two days in a row. I get the sniffles, fever, or even those super painful mouth ulcers (ouch), whenever I don’t.

The pace of my life is going a bit too fast at the moment, but at the same time there’s no chance I’m going to complain about it – I have not been this excited or motivated in years. That being said, I do need to get better at listening to my body. This morning I was so busy checking off to-do’s, I realised that I hadn’t eaten anything since last night when of my colleagues offered me a cup of tea around 2.30PM in the afternoon. Oops!

I’m still at the office, and tonight I’m having a few girls over to my place to bring in Paulina’s birthday. We are making Swedish style tacos, eating cheese, replacing the wine with tea, and cake with cucumber and carrot sticks. Or, well, little do they know, I’ve ordered a cake anyway…

I’m crunching hard to finish up here, go pick up flowers, organise the table setting, and head home before the guests come. For now, I’m leaving you with a favourite outfit from this weekend’s wedding in Dubai – all made by my boyfriend’s sister, Shehla Khan. Lovely, right?

For those of you who’ve asked, my France and Italy recommendations are coming up this weekend – guaranteed. He who waits for something good… (can never wait too long, or however the saying goes…)

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