Under the weather, resting up and travel plans

Hi lovelies. What’s your weekend plan?

I know what I’m doing: Nothing! Well, that’s not true – I am working all weekend, but other than that, I’m trying my best in doing as little as possible since I got back. I’ve been down with a light fever and a heavy congestion/cold symptoms since we got back from Dubai, and since I’m very anti-medication unless absolutely necessary, the only other way to get rid of this is rest (not one of my favourite activities in life – resting).

I’m about to leave the office right now, to head home and pack. That’s my main activity every Friday evening – pack up a weekend-bag and get into an Uber to move in with Saif for the weekend… Tonight we’ve cancelled our plans and just decided to make dinner and watch a movie in bed. Could be one of my favourite activities these days? Mainly because I rarely get time to.

One of my best friends, Andrea, reached out this morning and wanted to know if I have any plans on coming to the US this year. I so wish my answer was yes…and I so wish India wasn’t so far from the States. Here’s what my 2018 is looking like (so far), in terms of travels (not including traveling for work):

January – Goa (India), Milan, Florence, Rome, Paris

February – Dubai

March – Stuttgart, Munich, Lavasa (India)

April/May – Home (Southern Sweden) – I wanted to go for my 5th year reunion at Brown University in May, but sadly its looking unlikely with all the work I have going on.

June – London

July – NO PLANS!

August – Stockholm, Amalfi Coast

September through December – TBD. But I do know we have several destination weddings coming up again around October…

Perhaps a trip to the US is due sometime towards the end of the year? To be honest, I’m feeling dizzy planning that far ahead.


Saif and I in Rome back in January this year

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