“I just need some time, in a beautiful place, to clear my head.”

Considering everything I have going on at the moment, I recently decided that I would have to make some personal changes in my life in order to keep up without damaging myself. Having experienced burning out, and the downsides of panic attacks since sometime back in my early high school days, I do what I can to make sure these feelings don’t take over. That I remain in control at all times. It’s the second stress, commitments and guilt takes over, that our bodies start shutting down from over-exhaustion and chooses flight when given the choice by our internal ‘fight or flight’ system.

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The trick is apparently to meditate every single day, ideally around the same time. It’s sort of like taking anti-depressant medication — don’t stop just because you feel good. Personally I tend to be mindful on some days, and dedicate the 5-10 minutes that it takes to this, and on some days I honestly couldn’t care less. This is obviously sort of the worst idea ever when it comes to setting a new routine…

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Find a good location. Doesn’t have to be dead silent or anything. But maybe good to leave your dogs and boyfriends outside the room. Especially if you’re like me and get easily distracted.


First time I meditated, I started crying. And not one of those teary eyed and slightly emotional cries, no–more of the howling type. Seriously. What 30 seconds of deep breaths does to you – and the fact that we so rarely do it – is not something you can ever imagine until you’ve given it a go yourself…

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There are a bunch of meditation and mindfulness apps which are great in helping you get going. They break it down to the nitty gritty details, and help you feel at peace even when your mind wanders (trust me, it does). I prefer this app. It’s called Headspace. They have these ‘mini’ exercises for people ‘on the go’. This includes things like 1 min breathing exercises, 2 min to unwind, 2 min of focus, and 3 min to restore. This is stuff designed for you to do in a public place, or at the office.

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Isn’t it incredible, what 3-5 minutes of conscious breathing does to you? Especially on a day like today, when I’m too under the weather to go for a workout, which is usually my way of unwinding and letting go of thoughts. If you’re a stressed or anxious person by heart (I am), there’s honestly nothing I recommend more.

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I guess that means I’m ready to kick off this Saturday?

Happy meditation, and good morning guys!


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