Monkey 47



I’m in a car on the way from Black Forest to Stuttgart, and I finally have some time to reflect on the past few days in this winter paradise. I’ve had one of the most memorable weeks of my life here in Germany – made new friends, learned new things, and experienced what may have been the most well planned and well executed trip I’ve ever been on. At this point, a simple ‘thank you’ doesn’t seem enough…

Going to be spending the day in Munich, and flying back to Bombay tomorrow. I have a couple of hours on the train from Stuttgart to Munich today, so I’m going to start putting together posts to tell you all about it as soon as I sit down. The network and wifi out in the forest hasn’t been strong enough to upload all the photos from the camera onto the blog, which explains the delay. That and the fact that we’ve been doing things non-stop since we got here.

Thank you to the entire Monkey 47 team, for an incredible trip. The level of perfection and attention to detail shines through in everything you do – from the distillery, to the team, and every drop of every bottle.

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