Coming up next: A fresh start

So, you must be wondering what happened to me. I’ll explain.

Over the last one month, I have been crazy busy. I worked my full-time job Monday to Friday, picked up a couple of side-projects, signed up for a few photoshoots, launched my ambassadorship with Adidas Women, hosted three events for Women About Community, worked on a project I’m launching with two other women in May, and started writing on my book to be able to meet an upcoming deadline. It’s been busy, to say the least. This whole time, the blog was always really important to me, but its also a place where I’ve committed to being completely honest with you, and because of a couple of circumstances, I wouldn’t really have been able to. The idea of writing here without being able to genuinely tell you what I’m up to and what’s been going through my head seemed less appealing than not writing anything at all.

I think it was somewhere around the time I went to Germany that I realised: it’s time, and with that in mind, I kicked off my one-month resignation period last week. I’ll tell you more about it eventually, but for now what I can tell you is that I am very happy. I have really enjoyed my job and my work over the last couple of years. At the same time, lately, I have also been fighting every inch of my body, for craving adventure, risk, and opportunity over stability and comfort. Over time, I’ve been working on things which inspire and motivate me, as extras, side, or passion projects. The entrepreneur in me has been needing and wanting more, and now its finally here. The time has come.

Sometime around early/mid-last year, I hit a bit of a personal/professional unhappiness-peak with a bunch of things in life, and since then I’ve been actively working towards putting myself in a position where I’m not just content but actually thrilled and excited to be. And that’s where I am now – a pinch my arm to see if its real kind of feeling.

So let’s see – who knows where this is going to take me?

Just kidding. It would be very unlike me to not have a pretty clear path lied out for what’s up next…


2 thoughts on “Coming up next: A fresh start

  1. Well done for taking a step to a happier you. It requires extra courage if you are in a position where you feel comfortable. Thanks for sharing what you are currently going through. It was inspire to read. The best of luck going forward x

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