This too shall pass

Hi lovelies. Hope you are well? I have a bad case of a stomach bug/food poisoning at the moment. I had salad for lunch yesterday, and home cooked Indian food at a friends house last night. Whatever I ate, it definitely didn’t serve me well… I’ve been running to the bathroom (yes, details) since I woke up this morning, combined with stomach cramps, shivering, sweating, fever and body aches. Its been one of those sick-days where you’re actually too sick to work from home, so, excuse me if you tried reaching me today – I’ve straight up not had the energy to catch up with anyone unless its been urgent work.

Luckily I know my body fairly well, I think – well enough to know that this should pass or at least get a lot better in the next couple of days. I’ve had days in India when I’ve been so sick I’ve been crawling to the bathroom and passing out next to the toilet after doing whatever I had to do.

This too shall pass.


Feeling somewhat similar to the neighbour’s cat right now

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