Bangkok calling

Guys, I wrote this last weekend but I never posted it, so now I’m just posting it as is… I wrote a few blog posts basically, but never posted them because the wifi was too slow to upload photos. So, more Thailand updates to come.

We’re in Bangkok! I’ve not been back here in over 20 years, so to me its all new all over again…


We arrived early morning, so the first thing we did was to check in to our hotel, shower and change. We are staying in the most beautiful room – I’ll make a separate post about it before we leave. Promise!


We were starving for breakfast, so we left straight from the hotel to a place we had recommended to us by several people. Roast – I too highly recommend this place, by the way.


Last Sunday I was at Zara at the mall in Lower Parel in Mumbai, and accidentally left one of my favourite pairs of sunglasses behind in the changing room. I realised it four hours later after finishing up brunch at the Oberoi and Saif and I rushed back. Found them where I left them. Lucky. Me. Now these glasses weirdly give me a positive spark of energy every time I wear them!


Roast is located in this cute three-story food court with coffee shops and other restaurants. Highly recommend going there even if just for a drink or a coffee. Food is banging too though…


Roast is located on the ‘Top Yard’


Here he is – the love of my life. Hello!


Saif ordered a breakfast plate with all his favourite things. I was tempted by the salmon, capers and sour cream on toast…


My stomach was really bad a couple of days ago, but I am better now, and this was the first real meal I had after about 48 hours of rushing back and forth to the bathroom. So tasty – bacon, corn and zucchini pancakes, tzatsiki and avocado salsa…


The courtyard where Roast is located is full of little bars, coffee places, a little Mexican restaurant, and a Pink Berry ice cream stand. This area is always buzzing with people, but early morning when we were there it was still empty.


After breakfast we hailed a cab and headed into town. Cabs are so much cleaner in Bangkok than in Bombay…but I find cab drivers in Bangkok generally slightly more rude. Could be a language barrier?


Traffic was just about picking up…


We went to Central World mall to start off with, because I had pinpointed out a few local designers that I was really excited about checking out… If you’d like me to share a post on best of Bangkok shopping – let me know? I did quite a bit of research before going.


Pretty much all shopping in Bangkok is located inside huge shopping malls.


Saif was determined to try different type of street foods and explored different king of grilled meats on a stick. I decided against it. The older I get the more I’m also weirded out by eating meat. Can’t help it tbh.


It looked good though. And tasted good too apparently. Not for a weak stomach, though.


I was trying out a new filter on the camera, as you can see. Can’t decide how I feel about it, which probably isn’t a great sign.

IMG_5655 2

…so I switched over to a regular filter and skipped the vintage vibe…


I’m obsessed with nice wrapping and packaging, so the idea of a grilled meat stick in a transparent, cute little bag is…cute.


Then I took more photos of food I’d never try but love to capture.


Same here. I think they’re making Pad Thai?


After eating and shopping a bunch, we headed back to the hotel. We booked a nice room at The Muse Hotel while still being back home, and when we reached we ended up upgrading our room to a beautiful corner suite with a huge balcony. Huge.

More to come on Bangkok guys. More to come.

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